Town Board Special Informational Meeting on Library Referendum: Oct. 23, 2013

A special meeting was called to inform the community about the specifics of the upcoming referendum and give citizens the opportunity to discuss the issues with the Town Board. I can’t vouch for the information, but there sure was a lot of discussion!

I’m amazed at the number of people who come to this site only because of the meeting videos. I would assume that anyone interested enough to attend those meetings through video would be curious enough to see videos of the town itself. Check out the stories about the Dutch Schultz moonshine still, the history of Patchen Mills, some of the local businesses…. lots of stuff!

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Town Board Special Meeting — September 11, 2013

The discussion was about the Library and the forthcoming referendum. After a brief opening the Board went into executive session and on its return engaged in a lively session with some members of the community about the right of the Odd Fellows to to remain in a private space on the second floor. See for yourself!

Town Board Special Meeting Sept. 5, 2013

Still the Library situation! The wording of the referendum was presented for discussion. George Whalen, of Stissing National Bank, was there to answer some questions, but not much could be decided as he had not heard from the Odd Fellows about the disposition of their private space. My understanding, and I wish I could offer a better one, is that a municipality cannot purchase a property that is encumbered with space allocated to a private organization.

Well, watch for yourself and see if you can understand it any better!

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Special Town Board Mtg Regarding the Library Referendum, Aug. 22, 2013

A special Town Board meeting was held on a Thursday morning to discuss the upcoming referendum about the town’s purchase of the library building. While the meeting was public, only a handful of community members showed up and the Board soon went into executive session. There was a brief discussion when they returned.