Town Board, June 16, 2016

The meeting started in normal fashion, but when it was time for Scott Chase to present a Power Point presentation about the Trails Committee report, the projector and the video camera had a digital spat!

There was nothing I could do to resolve this electronic conflict.  I turned the camera off so I could fiddle with settings, but nothing worked. Someone pulled a high tech Brexit.
I did what I hope was the next best thing:  I asked Scott if I could embed the actual report into this page so that the viewers could download or read it on their computers without going to Town Hall.  

 Click the image below to read the full report with pictures and charts.  


The meeting continued without that pesky projector.

Note: perhaps there was a silver lining to this flap.  In the future, projector or no, I will ask for a digital copy of what is being presented so that it can be shared with the virtual attendees of Pine Plains Views Open Meetings.

Planning Board, June 8, 2016

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