Let’s Get Organized!

A new Pine Plains Town Board has its Reorganization Meeting; newly elected Town Supervisor reads of the membership of town officers, staff, board and committee apointments.  

I’m baaack!  Well, at least for a little while.  This is not official, just one citizen’s personal iniative to help out by on getting some video out to the community. It is authorized only by the New York State Open Meetings Law.

And to wish the new board welcome!

One thought on “Let’s Get Organized!”

  1. Stan – so Important to have the actions of the Town boards online and accessible. Thank you – thank you – thank you.

    Also so important to have the new Town Board follow through on the sewer district formation. For over 30 years Pine Plains residents have expressed their support and the importance of a strong Town Center. This only happens with Central Water and Sewer. We created a public owned water system and Water district in 1987 and now is the time for sewer especially with all the Federal grant dollars available which will pay the majority of capital costs. Please cover the efforts of the Town Board to continue this effort. Thank you

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