Durst Project Community Informational Meeting Feb. 25, 2018

The first of two public meetings with the Durst Organization representatives, the Town Attorney Warren Replansky, the Town Board, and the Planning Board. This meeting was a presentation of the project. Comments and questions will be addressed at a following meeting.

To watch in full screen, click the arrow box at the lower right corner of the video.

One thought on “Durst Project Community Informational Meeting Feb. 25, 2018”

  1. Hi I own a house on west shore drive in the core of the project.I am concerned about how this project will effect my wife and I quality of life and how it will effect my property taxes.Also the inconvenience of all the new construction.Every time there is a power outage I have no water.When water is finally is restored I must boil before use.For years I suffer from this inconvenience , when a simple backup generator would have solved this problem.I am just worried about future problems that will occur with the new construction.

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